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Importance of Spaying/Neutering


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Having a pet undergo a spaying or neutering procedure has tremendous health and behavioral benefits to your pet’s life.

Spaying or neutering can prevent life-threatening diseases or ailments that can be avoided with the help of our outstanding veterinary staff here at Rural  Animal Clinic.

Getting your pet spayed or neuter at an early age can also make a big difference in the bond you share. Having this procedure done early enough can lead to a happier, healthier pet to share your love with. Ask us more about how spaying or neutering can benefit both you and your pet’s lives together.


Why Spay and Neuter?


  • Reduce spraying and marking.
  • Reduce roaming.
  • Reduce aggression.
  • Lower risk of cancers.
  • Decrease overpopulation.
  • Increase lifespan to 3 - 5 years.