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Posted by:  S, Molly

Posted: 03/05/2018

Comment:  So great to finally have a trusted veterinarian in Tempe, Veterinarian that really cares about my babies, 

Dr. Bebawy is absolutely the most compassionate and caring veterinarian I have ever encountered. He has treated my baby as if she were his own and put all of my concerns and anxiety at ease.

Posted by: Burge, Karen
Posted: 03/24/15
Comment: Great vet and great staff! Very attentive to my pets needs. Thanks!                                

Posted by: Colletti, Carole
Posted: 02/12/2015 
Comment: I wanted to express my appreciation to you Dave and all your staff for the excellent care you have given Buddy all these years. I needed to make a change due to it being more convient for me to take him somewhere closer to my home. But, I do appreciate  everything they have done for us                  

Posted By :Ramos, Sofia, Sky
Posted :  08/14/2014
Thank you so much for taking such great are of us.  The donation made in memory of Sofia really meant a lot. I recommended all my friends toyour clinic.  Dr. Crisler and Dr. Conti have been great to our furry ones.


Posted By : Uta Sauermann
Posted :  07/03/2014
Comments: My 8 year old Doberman was diagnosed with Wobbler disease. The symptoms are a wobbly gait with loss of control of the hind legs. Dr. Conti, who we have seen for many years, suggested laser therapy . Our dog has improved amazingly after approx. 4 treatments


Posted By : Stinky
Posted :   10/03/2013
Comments: Dr's and staff here are all amazing! they have taken very good care of me over the years! They are just Purrrfect!


Posted By : Carolyn Johnson
Posted :   09/06/2013
Comments : I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for your exceptional, personal care of our cat Frisky this summer. Everyone in your practice is genuine and caring. John and I especially appreciated your expertise and straight-forward communication regarding treatment.


Posted By : Robb Nicklin
Posted :   03/07/2013
Comments : We recently received a letter from the UC Davis Vet School pertaining to a donation made in our little boy Ruben's name. We wanted all of you; Dave, Rick, and Ruben's secret love, Amy, to know how very much this means to us.


Posted By :    Fred & Lori Cooper  (
Posted :    11/9/2012
Comments :    After 14 years, we lost our "third child"---Casey. Doctor Rick and his staff are excellent representatives of their profession. Casey enjoyed good---make that excellent---- health virtually up to the last month or so thanks to Dr. Rick's common sense approach and efforts in keeping her healthy. At the end, they were respectful, understanding and having taken care of Casey for virtually all of those years, were as sad for us as we were in having to make that very hard but needed decision. And in Casey's honor, we learned a contribution was made to the Phoenix Zoo...a very unexpected but wonderful memorial to her memory. Thank you Dr Rick and staff.
Posted By :    Crystal
Posted :    6/18/2012
Comments :    Drs Conti and Crisler are wonderful with our two lab mixes! After a bad experience with another vet, we had to ease one of our dogs back into being comfortable around vets. Both doctors and (techs, particularly Amy) have made her very comfortable with their gentle but thorough approach. Follow-up after appointments is wonderful as well.
Posted By :    George Burns and Gracie Allen
Posted :    9/13/2011
Comments :    We are two little dogs who are always so excited to see the staff and can't wait to get in the door. We are very healthy and happy thanks to Dr Chrisler and all the staff. They are so good to us and know that sometimes we are scared, but they make us feel safe and comfortable.
Posted By :    George Burns and
Posted :    9/13/2011
Posted By :    Mona
Posted :    7/6/2011
Comments :    We just love Dave & Rick's, they have an excellent staff, they are all experienced and loving individuals that enjoy what they do. They take great care of us!
Posted By :    Chiquita
Posted :    10/24/2010
Comments :    Dave & Rick are great. Me and my friends have been going to see them for years. Thanks to them my owners and furry friends are happy and healthy. Thanks to the wonderful staff and Dr.'s.
Posted By :    Jack Percival  (
Posted :    10/4/2010
Comments :    Fine doctors and staff. We have brought our pets here for the last 15+ years and have had excellent treatment from staff and doctors. They are very caring and give you a full explanation of all the options for treatment of your pets. We have 5 cats, Mindy, Breezy, MoMo, BoBo, and Buzz
Posted By :    Peanut
Posted :    9/28/2010
Comments :    Dr. Dave & Rick have kept me going for over 14 years. I still have a few of my nine lives left. Thanks to all....

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