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      After moving from NY, Mariana made a life changing decision in 2018. She graduated from Pharmacy School in 2000 and was in the pharmacy field for 18 years. She enjoyed helping people in need and now enjoys the transition to help all furry friends.

Mariana is our office manager. She works hard to ensure the best quality and care in everything we do here in Rural Animal Clinic.

In her free time, she loves to hang around with dogs and cats, read, swim, and travel.





      Lorena graduated from Carrington college in June 2018 as a licensed Veterinary Assistant. She has a deep love for animals, with 3 dogs and 4 cats at home.

Lorena is a fun, loving, and compassionate person. She spends her free time making wood burning drawings.

She has a big heart, and is always ready to make new furry friends.















 Mena is a freshman in Pre Vet school in ASU, He graduated from EVIT as Licensed Veterinary Assistant in May of 2021.Mena has a passion for animals, and he is looking to be a veterinarian one day. In his spare time Mena likes to play basketball and spends hours in the gym. He has a Yorkshire Terrier, and a Siamese 





     Merola graduated from Arizona College prep and currently attends Arizona State University. She is majoring in Applied Biological Science ( Pre-Veterinary Medicine ) to fuel her passion in animals. She hopes to become a veterinarian one day to help animals in need.

In her free time, she likes to hang out with friends, watch Netflix and bake. She also likes to spend some time with her Chihuahua and her tiny kitten.

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