Dog & Cat Repair

7520 S. Rural Rd. Ste. A-1
Tempe, AZ 85283


Chris (Christine Cruess C.V.T.)


      Made a life changing decision in 1993 to work at a job that she enjoys doing. She attended and graduated from Pima Medical Institute in 1994 as a Veterinary Assistant, and has been employed by Rural Animal Clinic aka Dog & Cat Repair since.   In 1997 she sat for the State Boards and received her License as  a Certified Veterinary Technician. For the past few years she has become our morning Receptionist.  She and her husband live with an  assortment of Cats and a Cockatiel.



Lorena Flores


      Lorena graduated from Carrington college in June 2018. She chose this profession because she has love and compassion for all four legged friends.  She has three cats, three dogs and two red sliders turtles . She enjoys going to the park with her dogs, photography and going on camping trips with her family.  Lorena has future plans to go back to school and get her Veterinary Technician certificate. 



   Cameron Hodson


         Cameron has had pets his entire life, and has been working in customer service since 2013, so it made sense to blend his passion for animals and his skillset into a career in the veterinary field.

He has one cat and a dog, he does foster work through humane society for newborn kittens.

He spends his spare time working on computers and different art projects.



  Donald Duke

      Donald has several years of experience not only as a vet tech, but as a dog trainer, he has always been obsessed with animals, so naturally as he grew up he tried to learn as much as he could about them, so when he stumbled across being a vet tech, it changed his life forever.

Doni completed his PIMA medical institute's certified Veterinary Assistant program and graduated with CVA, he has plans in the very   near future to go back to school to obtain his Vet Tech License.

Doni has four pets, 2 dogs and 2 cats, He loves everything that flies, walks, slithers, or hops and he care for each and everyone as though they were his


Maria Siqueiros

       Maria graduated from PIMA Community Collage in Tucson in 2016 with a Certified Veterinary Assistant.

Maria has known from young age that she absolutely loves animals, and grew up with birds, dogs, and cats.

Maria has plans on becoming a veterinarian in the future. This was a career path she knew she wanted to pursue since she was a kind. 

 In her spare time, she likes to spend it with her dog, Spooky and her cat Mr Kitty, also she likes to read, and fishing.