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Quality of Life


elderly dog

Euthanasia Services


Losing a pet is not something anyone wants to go through, but it is a part of the life you share together. We've dealt with it too.

Here at Dog and Cat Repair, we want to be there with you during and after your pet’s time elapses and help you say the goodbye you both desire.

We are prepared to help you by providing services to that bring an end to your pet’s suffering in a timely, comfortable, and respectful manner.

Please call our office for more details.


After Care Services


Grief Counseling


We are here for your consultation after a pet has passed, and can provide you with some helpful resources to get you through mourning.

Here at Dog and Cat Repair, we offer top of the line grief counseling services to help you remember and cherish the good times and move on to the next stage of your life. 


Cremation Services


Private cremation is an option at Dog and Cat Repair.

Your pet will have their own pet cremation chamber, isolated just for them. After the cremation process, we will help enshrine and memorialize your pet however you’d like to honor your pet’s memory.

Please call us for more details about the cremation services we provide at our facility.